Katnole Reads

I just deleted a bunch of old posts and they were all about books! Looking at the former list I have read some pretty cool stuff. I was doing really great at the beginning of the year but my reading time was significantly decreased.

The Wrong Family
The Lost Apothecary
You are Not Alone
Take a Hint, Chloe Brown
The Wife Upstairs
Recipe for Perfect Wife
Disappearing Earth
The Sanatorium
If I Never Met You
The Vanishing Half
You Have a Match
The Midnight Library
Dear Edward
Our Time is Now
Good Morning, Midnight

Is it 2022, yet?

Soon we will look back and start every sentence with… back in the day.

It’s always hard when you are in the moment. 2020 was not a year I would like to repeat. However, I love seeing everyone’s creativity. Let’s be clear that I didn’t experience any type of renaissance period.

Hey, that is OK. Maybe 2022 will my year.

Enjoy the Ride

A long time ago, there was a blogger.com site called Life as a Kat. The writer talked about all kinds of crazy stuff. Her adventures, music and lost loves. And then one day, she just decided to forget her passion and walked away from her online canvas. Oh, that person was me.

Now, it’s time to get back to it. I took some time off to finish grad school and explore a new career track. The one thing that I can’t shake is my love for the written word. I am no Shakespeare nor Jane Austen. But that doesn’t mean I can’t aim to be the best Kat.

So, please enjoy the ride.