27 of 52: The Marriage Lie

I seem to be on a roll when it comes to psychological thrillers. This week I listened to the audio version of “The Marriage Lie” by Kimberly Belle.

“Why do they call it grief, when really it’s a whole gamut of awful emotions, confusion and regret and anger and guilt and loneliness, wrapped up into one little word?”


I am going to keep this simple. Iris and Will seem to have the perfect life. They live in a nice home, have decent jobs and are trying to have a baby. But that dream ends when a plane headed to Seattle crashes into a field. Will’s name is on the list of passengers.

Iris knows it has to be mistake since her loving husband was on his way to Florida not Washington. Or could it be true? She’s desparate to find answers even if her gut tells her she won’t like what she finds.

Final Thoughts: Every time I thought there was a hole in the plot, Belle would address my concern. It’s something I really appreciated as a reader.

Get your copy of The Marriage Lie.

More about the Kimberly Belle.



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