29 of 52: I’ll Be Gone in the Dark

I am fascinated by true crime shows but it’s not genre I have stacked on my bookshelves. However, there was too much hype around Michelle McNamara’s book not to be intrigued. After a very long wait, I’ll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman’s Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer finally popped up in my library app.

“I don’t care if I’m the one who captures him. I just want bracelets on his wrists and a cell door slamming behind him.” ― Michelle McNamara

Communities paralyzed. A unknown man behind at least 50 sexual assaults and ten murders in Northern California went undetected for decades. So, how he did he outsmart police?

Michelle McNamara, a journalist, takes us back to the first crime. She is able to convey the fear and piece the events together through police reports and interviews with the victims. As readers, we get a glimpse of her obsession with “the Golden State Killer,” a moniker she coined.

You must be open minded when you dive into the book, and remember that McNamara was still writing it at the time of her death. Therefore, it does come across a bit choppy. It was finalized by crime writer Paul Haynes, investigative journalist Billy Jensen and her widower Patton Oswalt.

Joseph DeAngelo Jr., 72, was arrested April 24, 2018.

Get your copy of the book.

Michelle McNamara’s blog.


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