31 of 52: The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper

This week’s book turned out to be sweet, easy read. “The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper” was the July Girly Book Club selection. It doesn’t fit in just one category. It has a bit of romance, mystery and adventure.

Arthur thought about how it was possible for memories to shift and change with time. To be forgotten and resumed, to be enhanced or darkened as the mind and more commanded.

One year after his wife passes way, Arthur Pepper decides to make some changes. The 69-year-old gentleman lives by the clock. He wakes up at the same time, followed by the same breakfast. Arthur stops to talk and water his beloved plant, and finally makes his way to the garden.

On his wife’s death anniversary, he finds a charm bracelet tucked away from the light of day as he sorts through her stuff.  It’s the beginning of an adventure as Arthur sets out to discover the stories behind the little, dangling  trinkets. He quickly discovers his wife lived a wonderful life before their marriage.

The quest turns into a journey of self-discovery, as well. Can an ordinary life be fulfilling?

Final thoughts: As a reader, I enjoyed his odyssey and would recommend this book.

Buy your copy.

More about Phaedra Patrick.


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